Unfortunately, UpLabs will be closing its doors on June 1, 2024. Thank you for your contributions and support over the years.

Sell Your Products on UpLabs 🎨

The UpLabs Market is the only place powered by a community of passionate designers & developers.
We offer the highest payout rate in the industry.

So here's the good news

You make 70% of each sale

Your beautiful products are made of hard work, and we believe that's worth a lot. So we give you as high a share as we can. We'll take care of transaction fees, marketing expenses, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

You set the price

You're in the best position to know the value of your work, so we want you to have control over that. You can change the price as you wish, and choose which License you'd like to offer.

You get valuable exposure

All the creators in the UpLabs Market are talented and passionate about what they do. We help give you valuable exposure and take good care of your reputation.

No Exclusivity

You're totally free to sell your items in other places. We don't want anything to hold you back from being an independant designer and ultimately become even better at it!

Creator oriented Licenses

The UpLabs Licenses focus on protecting your work. They prevent buyers from re-selling and distributing your designs without your consent. It's important to you, so it’s important to us as well.

It's more than a Marketplace

UpLabs is a vibrant worldwide community of people sharing inspiration, resources, and much more. We make it everyone's favorite Material Design corner in order to bring you the best customers possible.

description Note: We have two different types of sellers - general sellers and premium sellers. Premium sellers make up an exclusive community of users that are handpicked by the UpLabs team depending on the quality of their work. They are verified users; these sellers receive payouts from our Premium subscription service.

The Practical Stuff

Keep track of Sales

You can keep track of your sales in real-time from your personal Sales page.

Payout info

We send you a payout on your PayPal account every 1st of the month if your balance is more than $50.


You provide support to your Buyer to use the item. There is no policy, you decide how much you want to help.

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