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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of sponsors to you accept?

All the content we deliver to our subscribers is carefully selected and we will accept only relevant products, services and jobs that are highly relevant to designers and developers.


What goes in a "sponsored link"?

You will choose a headline and short description of your service or product. We will review and proofread it and may contact you to suggest changes to ensure better conversion.


How many sponsors do you accept?

We accept one sponsored link per issue to ensure that it is prominently displayed. Your sponsored link will have its own section and will be clearly marked as "Sponsored Link".


Can I track visits?

Yes, you will be able to easily track visits using Google utm parameters. The utm_source will be "UpLabs", the utm_medium will be "email" and the utm_campaign will be "UpLabs_Issue_XX". This will be automatically added to your link.


How can I sponsor the next Newsletter?

First, the date must be available. Make sure to submit your sponsorship request by midnight (PST) the Friday to be featured the following Monday.


How can I pay for a sponsorship?

Payment may be made by PayPal or by IBAN bank transfer. Payment must be made in full before the sponsored link is included in an issue. Invoices are available and will be sent via email.