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NativeScript UpLabs Challenge

Show us how you would you Build screens for a functioning Mobile App for both iOS and Android.

Congratulations to the Challenge Winner!

Win up to $3,000 cash and get featured among 590,000+ creatives around the globe.

The Instructions

A new and unique mobile app challenge is back! We are once again partnering with NativeScript to challenge you to build screens for a mobile app that looks great on both iOS and Android. Do you think you can take up the Challenge?

Last year's winner: JukeBox a music streaming iOS app with Nativescript by Yassine Zanina

The end result of your experience should be a functioning iOS and Android app. Have no fear though, as the NativeScript framework relies on CSS and an easy-to-use markup language to create cross-platform apps from one set of code! Plus, the app doesn’t have to be fully functional - at the minimum it just needs screens that look good and inspire others.

To make your life even easier, you can partner with someone who already knows NativeScript for this challenge. And, you can develop your screens in an easy-to-use browser-based environment, so there’s no messy system requirements or setup to worry about.

In exchange for your hard work, NativeScript is offering $3,000 in prizes(!) and we are extending the deadline an extra few weeks.

There is no specific theme so the world is your oyster with this challenge! If you need some ideas, you could consider an app that:

  • Provides a digital assistant or chatbot UI 🤖
  • Shows off how an insurance company might handle a claim 🚗💥
  • Gives bank 💰 or credit card 💳 companies fun and a new way to engage their users

You can also display the weather, use some fancy charts/graphs, create some cool data entry forms, build the next housing/hotel app...anything that looks good on a mobile device.

How does the challenge work?

Registration & submission: October 7 → November 17 (6 weeks)
Voting: November 18 → November 24 (7 days) Midnight PST
Winner announced: November 25!

Read the rules and use the inspiration below as a starting point. Good luck!

Submission Requirements

Show us how you would you build screens for a Mobile App that looks great on both iOS and Android. While the theme for this challenge is wide open, there are some requirements for your submission.

Please, make sure that:
  • The link to the NativeScript Playground project is shared with us
  • Your mobile app contains at least one functional screen, preferably more though!
  • Your app should be developed and run in the NativeScript Playground.
  • Your work was created for this challenge, it's unique and your own.
  • You only make one submission for this challenge.
Remember that if you have the design skills, but not the technical implementation skills, you can always find an existing NativeScript developer to help you out.

Prize and Deadline

Community prize: The winner who receives the most votes from the community will receive $1,000 and will be featured on the UpLabs newsletter with 400,000+ creatives Editor’s prize: The selected work by NativeScript will receive $2,000

Registration & submission: October 7 → November 17 (6 weeks)
Voting: November 18 → November 24 (7 days) Midnight PST
Winner announced: November 25!

You can find more inspiration with on the NativeScript Marketplace.