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Movie Ticket Challenge

Design a friendly and engaging movie ticket booking experience for an app or website

Congratulations to the Challenge Winner!

Win a personal mentorship session with Yaroslav Zubko, Senior Interactive Designer & #1 MaterialUp Designer.

The Instructions

For this UpLabs Challenge, rethink a movie ticket booking flow for an app or website🍿 🎬

It should represent the following scenario:

  • Users need to easily find the movie that’s of their genre interest for the closest date and time, as well as for any other desired date and time
  • Users need to be able to book a desired movie ticket in as few actions as possible
  • It can reflect the genre mood without hurting the usability and general simplicity of the app
We want to you to have as much freedom as needed: your solution can be designed for iOS, Android or Web, don't hesitate to try interesting UX and think about unique ways to bring personality to your work.

How does the challenge work?

Registration & submission: June 19 → July 2 (2 weeks)
Voting : July 3 → July 12 (10 days)
Winner announced : July 13!

Read the rules and use the inspiration below as a starting point. Good luck!

Submission Requirements

Create a fun, intuitive movie ticket booking app screen workflow. Your submission can be UI screens, an animation, a prototype or even a coded solution. We ask you to upload your submission or submit a link to your Dribbble shot, Github repo, CodePen, etc.

Please, make sure that:
  • The source file is uploaded (PSD, Sketch, HTML, etc).
  • Your work related with a movie booking app or website.
  • Your work was created for this challenge, it's unique and your own.
  • You only make one submission for this challenge.

Prize and Deadline

The winner of this challenge will have the incredible opportunity to chat with Yaroslav Zubko, #1 MaterialUp Designer. It's a unique one-on-one mentorship session of 45 minutes!

Read Yaroslav's Practical Guide To Convert Your Sketches To Working Prototypes to check his incredible workflow!

Registration & submission: June 19 → July 2 (2 weeks)
Voting : July 3 → July 12 (10 days)
Winner announced : July 13!

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