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Epic Portfolio Challenge

Create or build a Personal Portfolio that can be for Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS or VR

Congratulations to the Challenge Winner!

Featured on the Uplabs newsletter, 400,000+ professionals including Google, Airbnb, and Facebook employees.


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The Instructions

For this Uplabs Challenge, we're curious how would you create or build an Epic Personal Portfolio! It could be for iOS, Android, VR or Web. 💰

It should represent the following scenario:

  • Create or Build a awesome Personal Portoflio.
  • Share with us the source file.
  • It can be for Web, iOS, Android, etc.
We want to you to have as much freedom as needed. Don't hesitate to try interesting techniques and think about unique ways to bring personality to your work!

How does the challenge work?

Registration & submission: June 25 → July 8 (2 weeks)
Voting: July 9 → July 18 (10 days)
Winner announced : July 19!

Read the rules and use the inspiration below as a starting point. Good luck!

Submission Requirements

Show us how you would you design a Personal Portfolio that would be for iOS, Android, VR or Web. We ask you to upload your submission and submit your Dribbble shot, Github repo, CodePen, etc.

Please, make sure that:
  • The source file is shared with us
  • Your work is related to the Personal Portfolio
  • Your work was created for this challenge, it's unique and your own
  • You only make one submission for this challenge

Prize and Deadline

The winner will have their best works featured in the Uplabs newsletter and shared with 400,000+ professionals from around the world including companies such as Google, Airbnb, and Facebook.

Registration & submission: June 25 → July 8 (2 weeks)
Voting: July 9 → July 18 (10 days)
Winner announced: July 19!

You can find a lot of extra inspiration here.

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